Becoming an Italian citizen / 3


My legalized birth certificate and police certificate were delivered by DHL courier at 12.21 today.

Next step: to have the documents translated into Italian and the translations legalized via an agency in Rome

(There is still a doubt in my mind about the level of legalization I need; on the interior ministry website it says ‘traduzione legalizzata’,  while the translation agency insists that I need a ‘traduzione giurata’, and says they aren’t the same thing. I’ll have to sort it out when I take the documents in…)

It remains to be seen whether the Italian civil service will be as efficient as the civil service in the UK.

Certainly in the process of gathering the documents needed to apply for Italian citizenship I have been at a big advantage compared to people who come from countries where the civil service functions less well.

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11 thoughts on “Becoming an Italian citizen / 3

  1. Hi Laura, boy oh boy it is hard work…. I’m from the uk and worried about Brexit – 28 years in italy!!! I’m doing the same now, in lombardia, just filling in the computer form but I am not sure, do i have to get a italian police form as well…. did you get this? good luck!!!

    1. No, there is no need for an Italian police form as (I presume) the Italian authorities do all the Italy-related checks. You’re right, it is hard work. If and when you’re summoned to the prefecture be sure to take a print-out of the completed on-line application and ALL the supporting documentation, including the €16 tax stamp and receipt of payment of the €200 application fee. See my latest post

      1. Hi again

        yes i read it, typical!!! you get to a sportello and you have to have a document you know nothing about….. good luck, take care dani (lake como)

      2. Thanks loads for advice, i have filled it all in and it is now inviato…. keeping fingers crossed all ok… i wonder how long it will take? did they give you any indication of time at all?? i would imagine that even if the uk comes out of EU we will be ok, I hope so, my parents live in Italy as well but they are both retired and i think it will be easier for them… maybe…. take care dani

        1. I am glad to have been of help. I received my summons to the prefecture within a few days of submitting the on-line application. You will receive an email telling you to check in the ‘communications’ section on the website (accessible only after you have logged in). All up it could take as much as two years, plus a further six months for the oath-swearing. Even if Britons do vote to leave the UK Brexit isn’t going to happen overnight, and national and European authorities are going to have to come up with some kind of solution for people like us. So, at the end of the day I’m sure everything will be alright. Let me know how you get on.

      3. very cross, my request has been denied because

        la domanda è rifiutata poiché priva delle apostille sui certificati del paese di formazione

        but i had everything translated by an official translator and also it has been certified- the originals are the official police document and the scan of my birth certificate – do i have to go and get them both apostlled at the embassy or what?? i live MILES away from Milano…. what a pain.

        1. I can’t bear it for you! You need to have the certificates apostilled by the Legalisation office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before having them (and the apostille stamps) translated into Italian and sworn. Did you do this? You asked earlier about time. I have just returned from the prefecture and the clerk told me it would take the full two years; I should expect to receive a summons to collect my decree in February 2018.

          1. hi again, yes i saw it just after i sent you message on your post no. 2… i didn’t know this! hells bells, i should have looked properly! my fault! i thought because they were both official documents that they were already ok.. never for a minute thought that i would have to get official documents ‘officialised’ so to speak…. i will send them off tomorrow and see…… bit annoyed that the translator didn’t know this…. never mind… my fault i should have know that it was more complicated!!! thanks for the help!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Like you I am British and live in Italy, married to an Italian and have 2 children born in Italy, I’m annoyed (very annoyed) with the Brexit vote and it’s time to ask for Italian citizenship. Your blog helps with all the things which I am surely about to confront! Do your children have dual passports too and do you think it is a good idea (although mine are only 7 and 4)?

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for getting in touch. My children – like yours – gained dual nationality automatically at birth but do not currently have a British passport simply because it was easier and cheaper to apply for an Italian one. In all honesty I haven’t given much thought to the implications of Brexit for them specifically, but as dual British and Italian nationals it shouldn’t make much difference. I hope my blog continues to be of use in the citizenship application procedure and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have further queries. Good luck. Laura
      PS I love your paintings, by the way.

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