I write in English and Italian on a range of subjects including Italian politics and current affairs, art, architecture and urban development, culture, tourism, civil rights, migration, family, women’s issues, business and Made in Italy.

I am currently a stringer for the English desk at Italy’s leading news agency ANSA.

Prior to joining ANSA in 2011 I worked as web content manager for wantedinafrica.com, an offshoot of Rome’s leading English-language magazine Wanted in Rome, providing news and services to expat communities in cities across Africa.

I have also worked on the English desk at Missionary Service News Agency, covering news out of Asia, Africa and Central and South America, and for the magazine Wanted in Rome focusing primarily on local and national news,

I work predominantly in English, but I qualified and registered as an Italian professional journalist in 2005.

My published work in Italian includes New York. Voci da Ground Zero (Edizioni dell’Arco, 2008), a reportage on the unnamed and unsung victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York, and features on ethnic minority groups for the nature, science and lifestyle magazine Modus Vivendi.

For more information or to commission a news or feature article please contact me.

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