My experience of translation from Italian into English goes back to when I first arrived in Rome in the late 1990s and began a freelance collaboration with the Italian publisher Gremese editore.

Since then I have undertaken translation projects for media outlets (Missionary Service News Agency), NGOs (Fondation AltaMane, Axé Italia Onlus) and companies (Open Living Solutions).

Recent published translations include Srebrenica. The days of shame, from the Italian Srebrenica. I giorni della vergogna by Luca Leone (Infinito edizioni, 2011), on the genocide of Bosnian Muslims living in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica at the hands of the Bosnian Serb army and Serb paramilitary forces while the enclave was under UN protection in July 1995; and Modena Food Capital from the Italian Mutina capitalis in tabula (, 2013), a comic strip adventure by Cesare Buffagni centred on the gastronomic traditions of the province of Modena in Italy’s northern Emilia Romagna region.

For more information or to request a translation please contact me.

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