The view from Monterotondo is a blog providing news and views essentially on issues that are of interest to me, on the assumption that if they are of interest to me they will surely also be of interest to someone else.

I do not attempt to stay apace with the news.

On the contrary, my aim is to try to make sense of at least some of it with the benefit of a degree of hindsight and the greater detachment which living outside Italy’s main centre of power affords.

In this sense, the ‘view’ in my blog name is less an ‘opinion’ (who am I to offer opinions?) than a ‘perspective’ – the perspective of a British journalist with insider knowledge of Italy and the mediation skills needed to make it accessible to other people.

I also want this site to be a community. I have news and views to offer, but I also need your questions, comments and contributions in order to provide the kind of service I have in mind. Some I will invite directly in dedicated posts. Others I hope to receive spontaneously in response to things I write.

I will reply, I promise.

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